Reintegration im Herkunftsland

The funding

Why do they support this approach ?

The association is funded by individuals, companies and foundations. Its commitment clearly expresses its social responsibility in terms of asylum. The association Reintegration in the country of origin provides the Swiss Foundation of the International Social Service (ISS) the money necessary for the direct funding of the projects. A project is supported up to CHF 5’000 maximum. ISS evaluates the budget of the project established locally and pays for the authorised purchases directly to the partner. Thus, the person returning home does not receive any cash, this is a crucial principle of our association. The detailed account is then forwarded to the organisation in Switzerland.

Why we give our support

Fredy Lienhard,
Entrepreneur, Degersheim

« Reintegration gives these women and these men a chance in their home environment

Stefan Rissi, 
Managing Director, JTI Foundation, Lucerne

« This project enables disadvantaged people to return to a normal and dignified life. »

Albert Kesseli, 

Managing Director, Mercator Switzerland Foundation, Zurich

« Young persons with no hope in Switzerland are given the opportunity to build for themselves a future in their country of origin. »