Reintegration im Herkunftsland

Our philosophy

From the first idea to the closure of the project

Advisory centres for the return
Each canton has an office that encourages the voluntary return home and encourages those who are able to submit project proposals for an independent activity in their country of origin.
Presentation of the project
The candidates for a voluntary return establish a project request with the support of the advisory centre for the return of their canton.
Feasibility study
The local ISS partners, who also assure the follow-up of the project, check its feasibility. If it is approved, the amount of the financial support is then communicated to the candidate (to the returnee) and the latter is assigned a local coach who will accompany him in realising the project.
Return to the country of origin
The Federal Office for Migration prepares the return of the persons concerned. It is also responsible for the practical organisation of the journey.
Launching of the project
In the country of origin, it takes up to six months until the project is completed. The investments, that vary according to local conditions, are pre-financed by the coach. The beneficiary of the project does not receive any cash.
Project control
Projects are closely followed-up and constantly evaluated by local coaches.
Periodic reports
Local partners regularly inform the ISS team in Switzerland of the progress of the various projects. A year after their implementation, their viability is checked.