Reintegration im Herkunftsland


Return to the country of origin

From 2004 to 2017, over 1040 persons having sought asylum in Switzerland have returned without constraint to their country of origin to build a new life. Within the scope of some projects, new jobs could even be created. Our association has set the goal to support 50 to 60 projects per year that allow approximately 150 persons to return to their country.


Yearly number of projects to return home

Varied projects

We support commercial or crafts projects, as well as service companies or medical practices. Only requirements : Have the appropriate skills and the ability to work independently. We support the candidates so that they acquire additional qualifications, if necessary.

A variety of projects

Fish farming and growing of rice and vegetables – Bangladesh
Man aged 40

Engineering studies – Senegal
Young adult aged 19

Growing of vegetables and flowers – Ukraine
Woman aged 22 

Taxi driver – Nigeria
Man aged 32

Weaving workshop – Pakistan
Father of two children

Music school with recording studio – Bolivia
Couple with two children